A Portable Embedded Database Engine, in Standard C

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Itzam/C is a deliberately portable and concise C library for creating and manipulating keyed-access database files containing variable-length, random access records. Information is referenced by a user-defined key value; indexes may be combined with or separate from data.

  • 64- and 32-bit support
  • Windows & Linux/POSIX
  • Thread concurrency
  • Very small footprint (<60K)
  • Transactions
  • Serverless; completely embeddable
  • Zero configuration
  • Exceptionally flexible
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Itzam/Core is tiny and scales from clusters to embedded systems; it can be compiled with any Standard ANSI/ISO/POSIX C compiler, including GCC, Intel C/C++, and Microsoft Visual C++. It has been tested on X86, x86_64, AMD64 and ARM processors.

Itzam/C is licensed under the Simplified BSD for Open Source projects or a closed source/proprietary license. The author can be contacted at scott.ladd@coyotegulch.come or To speak with the author by phone, please contact him by e-mail first.

Open Source support is limited to e-mail assistance and, in special cases, development support.

The closed source license is $1,995 / €1,400 / J¥120,000 / £1,250, and includes 20 hours of active support during normal U.S. EST (GMT -4) working hours (0900 to 1700). Such support includes aid with installation, use, and simple customization for Itzam. I also provide custom development and maintenance contracts.

A typical maintenance contract costs $7,500 / €5,000 / J¥425,000 / £4,250 for 100 hours per annum. On client-site support can be purchased at a negotiated rate. The author maintains a current U.S. passport and is willing to travel for clients who pay moderate expenses. Other arrangments are possible and easily negotiated.

Some clients have requested specialized versions of Itzam for specific tasks and applications. The author provides such services on a negotiated basis, based on a package price for a specific set of milestones.

Distribution for GNU autotools and Windows (.tar.gz)
Distribution for GNU autotools and Windows (.zip)
Online Documentation
Simplified BSD License / FreeBSD (Open Source)
Closed Source License

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