Evocosm - A C++ Framework for Evolutionary Computing

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Created by Scott Robert Ladd at Coyote Gulch Productions.

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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
libevocosm::all_selector< OrganismType >A do-nothing selector
libevocosm::analyzer< OrganismType >Reports on a given population
libevocosm::elitism_selector< OrganismType >Implements a elitism selector
libevocosm::evocosm< OrganismType >Associates organisms with the components of an evolutionary system
libevocosm::evorealTools for evolving real numbers
libevocosm::exponential_scaler< OrganismType >An exponential fitness scaler
libevocosm::fitness_stats< OrganismType >Population fitness statistics
libevocosm::fopt_globalGlobal things used by all optimizer classes
libevocosm::function_analyzerReports the state of a population of solutions
libevocosm::function_landscapeDefines the test for a population of solutions
libevocosm::function_listenerAn listener implementation that ignores all events
libevocosm::function_mutatorMutates solutions
libevocosm::function_optimizerA generic function optimizer
libevocosm::function_reproducerImplements reproduction
libevocosm::function_solutionA potential solution to the problem at hand
libevocosm::fuzzy_machine< InSize, OutSize >A finite state machine
libevocosm::globalsElements shared by all classes in Evocosm
libevocosm::landscape< OrganismType >An abstract interface defining a fitness landscape
libevocosm::linear_norm_scaler< OrganismType >A linear normalization scaler
libevocosm::listener< OrganismType >An abstract interface defining a listener
libevocosm::migrator< OrganismType >Defines migration between populations
libevocosm::machine_tools::mutation_selectorWraps a roulette wheel for selecting mutations
libevocosm::mutator< OrganismType >Mutates organisms
libevocosm::null_listener< OrganismType >An listener implementation that ignores all events
libevocosm::null_migrator< OrganismType >A do-nothing migrator
libevocosm::null_scaler< OrganismType >A do-nothing scaler
libevocosm::null_selector< OrganismType >A do-nothing selector
libevocosm::organism< Genotype >An evolving organism
libevocosm::prngThe random number generator used by Evocosm
libevocosm::quadratic_scaler< OrganismType >A quadratic scaler
libevocosm::random_pool_migrator< OrganismType >A pool-based migrator
libevocosm::reproducer< OrganismType >Creates new organisms from an existing population
libevocosm::roulette_wheelA simulated roulette wheel for weighted selection
libevocosm::scaler< OrganismType >Fitness scaling for a population
libevocosm::selector< OrganismType >Selects organisms that survive
libevocosm::sigma_scaler< OrganismType >A sigma scaler
libevocosm::simple_fsm< InSize, OutSize >A simple machine with integer-indexed states
libevocosm::simple_machine< InSize, OutSize >A simple finite state machine with integer-indexed states
libevocosm::state_machine< InputT, OutputT >A finite state machine
libevocosm::simple_machine< InSize, OutSize >::tranout_tDefines a transition and output state pair
libevocosm::fuzzy_machine< InSize, OutSize >::tranout_tDefines a transition and output state pair
libevocosm::simple_fsm< InSize, OutSize >::tranout_tDefines a transition and output state pair
libevocosm::validation_error< Type >Standard validation exception
libevocosm::windowed_scaler< OrganismType >A windowed fitness scaler

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