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Created by Scott Robert Ladd at Coyote Gulch Productions.

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libevocosm::function_listener Class Reference

An listener implementation that ignores all events. More...

#include <function_optimizer.h>

Inheritance diagram for libevocosm::function_listener:
libevocosm::null_listener< function_solution > libevocosm::listener< function_solution > libevocosm::function_optimizer

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Detailed Description

This listener displays information about events to stdout (standard ouput).

Member Function Documentation

virtual void libevocosm::function_listener::ping_generation_begin ( size_t  a_iteration) [virtual]

Ping that processing a generation begins.

a_iterationOne-based number of the generation begun
virtual void libevocosm::function_listener::ping_generation_end ( const vector< function_solution > &  a_population,
size_t  a_iteration 
) [virtual]

Ping that processing a generation has ended.

a_populationpopulation for which processing has ended
a_iterationOne-based number of the generation ended

Reimplemented from libevocosm::null_listener< function_solution >.

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