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I develop high-performance data processing applications, working in C, C++, C#, F#, Fortran, and other languages. The software I create emphasizes portability, efficiency, and designing-before-coding. I'll work on open source or proprietary software per the needs of a project; my goal is to create reliable solutions that fit the needs of my customers.


What sort of work do I do?

  • Software invention
    Building high performance software in C, C++, Fortran 95, Python, and Java, for Linux, Windows, and Unix. My expertise is in high-performance numerical applications, information analysis, and database engines.
  • Optimization
    Tuning and refining code for top performance in different environments, ranging from workstations to parallel systems.
  • Parallelization
    Exploiting the potential of today's multiprocessor workstations and servers. I can bring the power of multicore processors, NUMA architecture, and clusters to your server applications.
  • 64-bit Testing & Conversions
    Conversion and reliability checking, ensuring that your code is portable to 64-bit architectures.
  • Legacy System Modernization or Replacement
    Updating existing programs and systems for today's high-performance environments and operating systems. A specialty is wrapping legacy code in Java or C++ user interfaces to put a new face on an old workhorse.

Specific areas of development include:

  • High-performance business computing
  • Scientific and engineering software
  • Small database engines for concise applications
  • Training in C++, software design, and multiprocessing architectures

Software Engines

I specialize in creating engines: the software that performs the "heavy lifting" behind the scenes. My focus ison custom software development for Linux, Windows, and general Unix. In-house platforms include workstations, web servers, and multiprocessor systems, running the latest Linux and recent Windows software.

My primary tools of choice include:

  • C++, C, C#, F#, OCaml, Python, Java, modern Fortran
  • Linux (since before it was trendy), Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • TWAIN, gtk, PNG, TIFF, and other graphic formats
  • Beowulf, Linux SMP, OpenMP, MPI, POSIX/Linux, Win32 threads & processes
  • autoconf/automake, MS Visual Studio(.Net), gcc, Intel C++ & Fortran, Eclipse, Cygwin
  • SMTP, RS-232 serial, Sockets, HTTP, FTP, HTML, Javascript, CSS


I prefer to negotiate a series of flat fees based on a defined set of milestones — however, I am very flexible and open to suggests and possibilities. My hourly rate is $75 / €60 / £50 for spot work, with a discount for substantial projects or blocks of my time.

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