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These are older books, published in 2000 or before, that may (or may not) still be available in bookstores. If you're looking for books I wrote before 1996 -- well, I'm out of copies for works like C++ Techniques and Applications (1990, M&T Books). If you really want the source code disk for these "ancient" texts, let me know, and I'll see what I can find.

All source code disks come from the original diskettes and CDs.

Java Algorithms
McGraw-Hill, 1998 (ISBN 0-07-913696-6)
488 pages, CD-ROM

Download the source code

This book brings 100% Pure Java into the realm of industrial-strength applications development, by implementing a variety of numerical, string, and database algorithms.

"Ladd's down-to-earth approach and clear explanations make both his descriptions and examples useful to students of C++ and software engineering." — The C User's Journal

Active Visual J++
Microsoft Press, 1997 (ISBN 1-57231-609-8)
332 pages, CD-ROM

Download the source code

Published by Microsoft Press, Active Visual J++ uses genetic algorithms and cellular automata to demonstrate Java! Discover how Java interacts with ActiveX, and see examples of turning Java classes in COM components and Java Beans! Available in English, French, and German.

Portions of this book are available on the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Library disk and web site, beginning in early 1998.

Genetic Algorithms in C++
M&T Books, 1996 (ISBN 1-55851-459-7)
364 pages, 3.5" diskette

Download the source code

More than an introduction, this book describes and implements software for a broad spectrum of genetic and evolutionary algorithms. Includes advice on developing genetic algorithms, and example of various crossover and fitness-testing techniques. Also covers the generation of intelligent software through the evolution of finite state machines.

"Ladd's down-to-earth approach and clear explanations make both his descriptions and examples useful to students of C++ and software engineering." — The C User's Journal

C++ Simulations & Cellular Automata
M&T Books, 1995 (ISBN 1-55851-447-3)
520 pages, 3.5" diskette

Download the source code

An introduction to Artificial Life for C++ developers. Includes a 10,000-line Windows 3.1 application, and shows how to implement a variety of cellular automata, fractal, and ecological simulations.

Includes artwork by my lovely and talented wife, Maria (who drew this Hallucigenia, a biomorph-like creature from the Burgess Shale):

C++ Simulations & Cellular Automata (Japanese)
D. Art Corporation, 1996
530 pages, 3.5" diskette
ISBN 4-88648-453-2

The Japanese translation of the above! It clearly has the prettiest cover of any of my books.

C++ Components & Algorithms, Third Edition
M&T Books, 1996
582 pages, 3.5" diskette
ISBN 1-55851-466-X

Download the source code

Designed for intermediate programmers, this book details the development of a class library that supports rational numbers, advanced string handling, arrays, sorting, basic statistical calculations, and persistent objects stored in B-Tree and hash-table databases.

"...fills a niche for the intermediate software developer. The book focuses on useful, sound implementations of data structures and algorithms in C++." — The C User's Journal

"This book is an excellent way to learn about class library development. The author takes time to warn you about potential traps while highlighting the advantages of adopting particular techniques. I like the book, the style and the content. I think many C++ programmers could gain quite a lot of benefit by actually working through this book not just browsing. I know I did." — Association of C and C++ Users (ACCU)

C++ Templates & Tools, Second Edition
M&T Books, 1996
528 pages, 3.5" diskette
ISBN 1-55851-465-1

Download the source code

Covers template development in C++, looking at new features brought about by the ever-pending ANSI-ISO standard, and providing template libraries for high-performance containers, binary trees, fuzzy logic sets, data compression, formula parsing, complex numbers, sparse matrices, matrices, linear algebra, polynomials, and optimization by genetic algorithm.

"If you want to get up and running with templates, here's a good place to start." — Visual C++ Professional

C++ Templates & Tools (Japanese)
D. Art Corporation, 1995
430 pages, 3.5" diskette
ISBN 4-88648-451-4

The Japanese translation of the first edition of this book.

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